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 Reading in the Royal Library

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PostSubject: Reading in the Royal Library   Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:32 pm

Qui Dishi

Qui walked silently through the quiet halls of the palace, though her shoes made a 'clack' sound every time she stepped in the lone hallway. She pulled her black hair behind her ear as she walked to the library. With the rumors of war beginning, and small battles already breaking out, Qui decided it'd be a good idea for her to brush up on some medicines that would be used to heal pain and help the blood flow to stop. She opened the door, which creaked in the quiet hallway. She stepped inside, and went to the medicine section, sat down, and began reading it.
Time flew by as Qui read. She quickly put the book back on the shelf, and then looked at the clock. "Have I already been in here for two hours?" Qui laughed to herself, trying to stay quiet. "I needed to give Mr. Lee his medicine an hour ago!" She curses under her breath, and begins hurrying back out of the library. But Qui accidently trips someone, being her usual clumsy self.
"Oh!" Qui says, raising her hands to her mouth. "I'm so sorry, here, let me help you." Qui says, going to help the person up.


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Reading in the Royal Library
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