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 Naseru [and Kozue]

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PostSubject: Naseru [and Kozue]   Naseru [and Kozue] EmptyWed Oct 31, 2012 2:29 am

Near the bottom of this post is the profile for the 'NPC' that will be with this character at nearly all times.


Full Name: Naseru Amiti Litzak
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Element: Earth
Birthplace: Ba Sing Se
Position: Teacher

Personality: Naseru is cunning, elusive, and protective. He has his share of secrets, and generally tries to be an honest man. He gets very uncomfortable when someone does not trust him, and is very persistent in trying to gain any trust he loses. He is a patient man, however, can will not explode till he is pushed to his limits. He is a teacher of the bending arts, both earth and otherwise, and is thus patient with children and younger kids. He is also very protective of those he loves or cares about, and is slightly overprotective of his adopted child, Kozue. Ultimately, he hides and insecurities he may have under a veil of smug confidence, and so often keeps his cool. As a higher-class individual, he is rather neat, and keeps Kozue dressed in her best.

Abilities: As a bending arts teacher, Naseru is well-versed i the forms of the various bending disciplines, and is an expert earthbender himself with some metalbending capabilities. He is still limited in the amount of metal (and earth) he can bend, but while he is not a master, he is still quite proficient in his bending arts, being fairly well-rounded because of his extensive knowledge and research on the subject.

Appearance: Naseru is a well-dressed and well-groomed man with slender features and sharp eyes. most of his long black hair is combed back into a ponytail, though a few short bands hang over his forehead. He has a similarly slender frame that matches his features, but despite his lack of physical girth, he is very swift and nimble, and his earthbending skills are nothing to sneeze at. he has pale skin and nimble, dexterous fingers. He is also well-toned because of his earthbending training.

[Naseru is the man in This Image and Kozue is the girl.]

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 151 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Weaponry & Other Gear: Naseru carries two metal shards about a foot long in length. he does not really use them as knives so much as pieces of metal to bend if he is ever in a pinch.

History: Naseru was born to wealthy parents in the upper ring of Ba Sing Se, and so he grew up receiving everything and anything he wanted or needed. he took an interest in the bending arts, particularly earthbending, and utilized and honed his skills over the years. he extensively researched every piece of information he could find at places like the Ba Sing Se University, and even a few scrolls from Wan Shi Tong's old library. He is aware that there is more for him to learn, but he still knows enough that he was able to get a good-paying position as a teacher of the bending arts. naturally, most of his students were earthbenders or aspiring metalbenders, whom he would teach the basis of his arts to, but he also had a few firebenders or waterbenders who came to him to learn technique. while he could not teach them their respective bending arts owing to his own lack of said abilities, he was still able to leave them more educated than they were when they came to him.
When he was 19, in a trip to the Fire Nation to research firebending techniques, he ended up also adopting a young Fire Nation toddler who no one thought would get a home. the child was both blind and deaf, leaving her in a dark, quiet, and lonely world. because of Naseru's gentleness and patience in learning to communicate with the child, Kozue bonded rather quickly with him. Given his affluence, he was able to provide abundantly for the child, and despite her blindness and deafness, he managed to teach her a few firebending moves.
Naseru also kept Kozue well-dressed and well-groomed, so that she could be admired instead of ignored the way she had been as a child. Kozue was fussy for a while, not used to the finery he would dress her in, but as she aged, she managed to learn to tolerate it, and now she no longer minds it. While Naseru does not teach her directly at the academies he teaches at, he does always bring her with him, where she often remains quietly in her seat, playing with her hands or with some small toy that Naseru gives her. Whatever the case, Naseru is very protective of her, and she tends to feel insecure unless she knows he's around.


Sample RP: It's Zul. you know how I roll. Wink

Character Box:

Naseru & Kozue

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PostSubject: Re: Naseru [and Kozue]   Naseru [and Kozue] EmptyWed Oct 31, 2012 4:59 pm

You have my approval, love. (:

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Naseru [and Kozue]
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